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Saisumpan TV Channel on Malimar TV Network

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We are extremely excited to announce that we have our very own internet channel Saisumpan TV on the Malimar TV Network.

saisumpan logomalimar1

2014 has been a great year for Saisumpan and GC4U, Inc. with many changes. This year we partnered with Edwards International and was able to take on more of their health products and brand them as our own. We were also able to open up our own studio in San Diego. This is where we film all of our programs and have opened up the studio to fellow broadcasters so they can use it to record their shows. With the new Saisumpan TV channel we’ll be able to educate and inform more people of our products and their benefits even more than we were able to do before. This exposure will be huge and will allow everyone to watch on their own time. We’ll be streaming live shows along with some re-runs.

When Saisumpan’s infomercial programs are not airing you get to watch Lao/Thai dramas, music, and karaoke. We do have new programs currently in the works. Dawn Manichanh is working on a new show that will showcase the modern man and woman. She’ll be interviewing special guests within the San Diego community but expects to expand all over the nation. On the show, she’ll talk  to each modern man or woman and discuss their personal journey to success. New program show times will be announced soon.

The channel officially launches on Monday, September 1, 2014, but we’ve been airing our shows as a live test run. Feel free to call, email, comment and critique. We want your opinion and let us know what you want to see.

Not sure where to go to watch us?

You can watch us on your Roku box, the network is Malimar TV, the channel is Saisumpan TV. Our channel is a free channel through your Roku subscription. Look for our logo. saisumpan logo

Don’t have a Roku box? You can watch us directly on the internet. Just click here on the Malimar logo. malimar1



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