Sabaidee from Saisumpan-Store

Natural Health and Healing.


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We celebrate life by helping others live longer healthier lives with the use of natural supplements and healing. We started Saisumpan in 2010 as a small info-mercial operation on Lao-iTV, offering natural and herbal supplements to our fellow Asian community. Our show was successful but only reached a small niche audience. We launched Saisumpan-Store to reach out to anyone who wants to lead a healthier lifestyle. We truly believe in our products and we stand by their benefits.

Many of the ingredients in our supplements are not new to the world. For many centuries Eastern medicine has used herbs and mushrooms to cure diseases. In the West, we have now only begun to explore the possibilities the natural world has for us. With the rise of cancer and other environmentally caused diseases, it’s important for us all to take preventative measures and protect our bodies.

Along with the natural supplements, we offer health products that will help you maintain your healthy lifestyle with ease and convenience. We offer product to manage conditions ranging from memory loss, hearing loss, diabetes, blood pressure, and more.

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